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How to transpose in logic pro 9

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asked 6 years ago in Question by anonymous
edited 6 years ago by Taoist

2 Answers

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It depends on if you want to transpose audio or MIDI.


For MIDI transposition use the track parameters (explanation in link below).

Alternately you can select the notes in the editor and drag them up or down.


To pitch transpose audio you can use the Time and Pitch machine under the factory menu in the Sample Editor. The alternative is to use the pitch shifter II plug in (or other pitch changing plug in) as a channels insert.

answered 6 years ago by Taoist (4,780 points)
edited 5 years ago by Taoist
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thanks fo the info buddy .. just wanna correct ur answer ... the time and pitch machine is not under functions menu but in factory menu !!
answered 5 years ago by anonymous
Typing too fast. Corrected.

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