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What is the name for the converter that changes line level to mic level?

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I am trying to get the mono output of my live sound board to mic level so I can record the output to my camcorder.
What would be the name for that converter? and Which converter would serve best for my situation?
asked 5 years ago in Question by anonymous

2 Answers

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DI (direct input)  box
answered 5 years ago by Taoist (4,780 points)
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that would be an ATTENUATOR.

In principle this is a resistance network consisting of a high value and a low value resistor in series, where you put your line level across the two resistors and your mic-level across the low value resistor. the common point being neutral.

line level is around 0.3V, mic-level is approx 0.002V (2mV) so a 150:1 divider would suffice.

Example: 150kohm/1kohm
answered 5 years ago by Chris Verbert (190 points)

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